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Ferries | Ferry tickets for all types of vehicles. Cheap Ferry tickets for passenger cars, buses, freight, including oversized cargo, motorcycles and also for pedestrians. Online booking tickets for ferries around the world. Find the right ferry quickly and easily.
Book your ferry tickets online. We reserve a ticket for you without a merchant commission. The same price as the shipping carrier. No additional charges.

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Cheap Ferry Tickets Quickly and Easily. You can book your cheap ferry by using the online form - just select the route and your shipping requirements. Subsequently, you'll see the best prices and deals. We offer ferry tickets at the same prices as shipping companies, without any increase.

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Simple and quick. Ferry in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, USA and more.

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The easiest way to find and book your port is to start typing in the form above. Type a port, country or even a region. We offers more ports than any other website. If you want more details about a port, we have normal port pages and port guide pages. Our normal pages tell you which companies use that port, crossing times, and the port address. Our guides tell you about the port facilities and how to reach the port.

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Frequently asked questions

Please, read some practical advice before traveling by ferry. Each ferry company has its own conditions, which you can read before traveling. We will answer you on frequently asked questions here.

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We offer more ferry companies than any other website. Using you can book ferry companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and more. 
And no matter what ferry company you book with, the booking process is easy and quick.


The easiest way to find and book your port is to start typing in the form above. Type a port, country or even a region. Ferry ports : • Aegadian Islands • Aeolian Islands • Aland • Albania • Algeria • Australia • Austria • Azores • Balearics • Belgium • Bornholm • Bulgaria • Canada • Canary Islands • Channel Islands • China • Corsica • Crete • Croatia • Cyclades • Cyprus • Denmark • Dodecanese Islands • Dominican Republic • Elba • England • Estonia • Faroe Islands • Fiji • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hebrides Islands • Holland • Honduras • Hungary • Iceland • Indonesia • Ionian Islands • Ireland • Isle of Man • Isle of Wight • Italy • Japan • Latvia • Lithuania • Malta • Montenegro • Morocco • New Zealand • North Aegean Islands • Northern Ireland • Norway • Orkney • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Puerto Rico • Russia • Sardinia • Saronic Islands • Scotland • Shetland • Sicily • Singapore • Slovenia • South Korea • Spain • Sporades Islands • Sweden • Taiwan • Tasmania • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • United States • Wales


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Frequently asked questions

When and in what time to book ferry ticket?

It depends on the line. At a frequency of ferry sailing several times a day (eg. In the UK), just 1-2 weeks in advance. When ferries on longer routes with a frequency of 1 sailing daily or a few times a week, also need a reservation at the cabin at night cruises and vacation during the summer months, we are recommended to book the ferry ticket or one month. several months in advance. Find out in advance in a timely manner.

The ferry ticket booked linked to a specific date and time?

In most cases, yes. The ferry boat ticket reservation firm is bound to a specific port, but shipping companies (eg. With ferries to Greece) that allow a combination of solid bookings for journeys in an open boat ticket for the return journey.

Do I have to mention when you book the ferry personal data?

Yes, for security reasons, the EU adopted legal standards under which the shipping companies and carriers shall require the personal data of passengers. It is however always only a first name and surname, date of birth, in some cases, or passport. ID card at the vehicle type and license plate.

Can the ferry trip with us our dog?

Yes, most shipping companies allows for charge transport on ferries and pets, i dogs and cats.

At which time reserve I have to be in port before departure ferry?

Each shipping company has different requirements. It is the average between half an hour to two hours before departure. Usually we recommend to be in port min.1 to 2 hours before departure ferry.

How do I find my port and ferry?

On the way to the port should be monitored signals and signs with the following let’s write: port, ferry (GB) port Trajet (F), Hafen, Faehre (D), Porto, traghetto, Stazione Marittima (I) puerto ferribote (E ) respectively. simply pictogram ship. In smaller ports orientation is smooth and ferry can be seen from afar. Larger ports where the ship docked several different carriers, you need to monitor your brand name and logo with the shipping company with which you travel.

How does taking the ferry?

Upon arrival to port, it is necessary to respect the instructions of staff (in a reflective vest with a walkie-talkies), who advise vehicles in love before arrival at the ferry. Vehicles are taken on board when prompted by individual councils. So do not leave your vehicle while waiting. After parking the vehicle on the ferry it is necessary to include speed, use the parking brake, turn off the alarm (if possible) and leave the vehicle.

What do I do in case of loss the fare?

Loss, respectively. Alienation is the fare should be reported immediately to our company. According to the terms of trade of all shipping companies should be the loss of a ticket in advance to inform the shipping company, since this issue duplicate the fare only to new repaid in full and the money returned after the expiry of one year (after the close of the reporting period) in the case of lost or . stolen or boat ticket has not been used by anyone.

What happens if I’ll miss the ferry?

When planning your trip is a good time to have a sufficient reserve for possible problems (congestion on motorways, technical failure, etc.). Ferry leaves usually on time and latecomers are not waiting! If you miss the ferry forfeited not only your personal reservation, but also the shipping rate (see Cancellation of individual shipping companies). If you already know that you miss the ferry, please inform us immediately (during working hours) or by the office at the port to request a change in the reserve for a later ferry. Some shipping companies are indeed benevolent and taken to the ferry for a later change without prior reservation, but not counting on it! Change reservation should be done each time before the date of departure of the ferry booked.

Is it possible for boating use a cell phone?

Ordinary GSM mobile phones require signal coverage from terrestrial transmitters. You should cover only near the mainland, offshore it has been left without phone signal. If necessary, you can use the ship-board phone satellite TV. But fares are very expensive and you should therefore shipping facilities. The lucky ones with a satellite cellular phone to make a call from anywhere.


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